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Themes of the Future: Health Transformation Part 1

Themes of the Future: Health Transformation Part 1 Welcome back! Hello beautiful readers, before you begin this post, I urge you to reflect back on my recent blog Themes of the Future!! This may give…

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Create your own DIY succulent cupcake garden!

You heard me right! Create your very own adorable and delicious DIY succulent cupcake garden! Need something to do in your free time? Ready to bring joy to your next social gathering with the cutest…

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Podcasters Anonymous, session 2

Hello All, I’m Sara, and I’m a podcast addict. It’s ok to admit that you are too, this is a safe space for you. If you’re not…like, do you want to be, bc it’s kind…

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Themes of the future

Sunday thoughts: Rather than a resolution, for the past decade I’ve instead assigned each year a theme word, in which I chose to mindfully apply my actions to. Some of my words – Balance, Spontaneity,…

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The decade that built me.

End of 2009 Moved out and found a home in the tiny house on Phillip street. Chose to forego college classes after meeting with a discouraging counselor. Graduated early in December. Worked as a waitress…

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