Apple Cider Mojito

If you’re a midwest girl like me, you know theres really two seasons: Hot and Cold. One day you’ll be feeling a polar vortex coming in, the next day you’ll have your windows open. That’s just how life seems to go. So it would come as no surprise to you midwesterners reading this, that finding a true fall drink is just about as easy as predicting your attire for a weekend trip to the pumpkin patch. Is it ever really cold enough for sweaters, or am I going to freeze in my fall dress?

You want to know the true OG fall drink? Cider.

Just a few minuets drive from my home is the most adorable tasting room that always seems to perfectly nail seasonally tapped ciders for tasting. More often than not, you’ll find me in Ashland NE scoping out the adorable shops and bringing home some growlers from Glacial Till Vineyard to share with the hubs. However, I had an idea! Why not take this tasty treat and use as a cocktail base for some festive fall drinks?! And thus, a perfect cocktail was born to us – the Apple Cider Mojito.


Shopping and Preparation Suggestions

Apple cider: You have two options here to choose from. Alcoholic, vs non. If you’re looking for a more carbonated beverage, you can easily use a hard cider such as Reds, Angry Orchard, or even Woodchucks. If you happen to be near a retailer that serves or sells Glacial Till hard cider, I would have to recommend this one. We like to use original, however they do have a seasonal Winter Blend cider that would be fantastic in the mix. If you’d like you can also always use a simple non-alcohol containing apple cider and work your magic all the same.

Rum: Nothing fancy to tell about this one, a simple white rum will do the trick. Rum is easily masked by the fruity and herbal notes of this cocktail. We generally just purchase Bacardi.

Simple syrup: You have the option to either make or purchase your syrup. While we used to make our own, lately I’ve just found it simpler to purchase the product and have it ready. Simple syrup is very easy to find in the grocery store, yet simple to make also. Try your had at either for the same effect.

Mint: If you have the luxury of accessing an herb garden, spearmint is a flavorful variety that works well in these cocktails. You can also use the mojito mint variety, or Kentucky as well. If purchasing from a store it is usually held in the refrigerated part of the produce section! The more mint the merrier. Just be sure that you muddle well in the initial steps to get the full effect and flavor.


Make it a Mocktail!

Mix up the following recipe!

  • Muddle Lime and mint in a glass
  • Add ice
  • 6-8oz apple cider, sparking apple cider for a little kick
  • 1T simple syrup
  • Stir and top with seltzer
  • Garnish with mint and fresh cranberries


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