Red Wine Sangria

Is there actually another drink that screams summertime any louder than a Red Wine Sangria?

I truly think not.

This is one of the simplest recipes for large batch cocktails that I find myself making it over and over again all summer long for gatherings. Though theres a little wait behind the process, its so worth it every time to show up with a tasty drink in hand, and a pretty one at that, every time.


Shopping and Preparation Suggestions

Red Wine: There are so many avenues you could pursue for red wines, and this really depends on what flavor notes you’re going for. Typically, red wine sangrias call for a dry Spanish wine, like a Pino. However, if you’d like a more heavy bodied taste, just go for a Cabernet! Try to steer clear of sweetened reds like red moscato, or sweet red Barefoot wine, as it may overpower the fruit taste in the end.

Brandy: Blackberry brandy is the key ingredient here. Though you could use a regular brandy, you will certainly loose the flavor essence when you do. Try to pick up a bottle of Leroux if you can find one, however any blackberry brand will do the trick!

Garnish: I LOVE myself a good garnish, I feel like all should know this by now! I live by the philosophy of go big or go home. For red wine sangrias, I tend to gravitate toward darker, juicier fruits which will express their flavors and juices into the sangria and add flavors. I really love sliced apples, sliced oranges, limes, and lemons. I rend to muddle blueberries and blackberries and toss them in as well. Try to do this just before serving though, as berries tend to discolor and bloat over time and will not be as eye appealing as one would hope after a few hours soak. You could even set out a tray with all the garnishing and let your guests have a blast with garnishing their own drinks to their liking. So many ways to go right, and nearly no ways to go wrong here.


Recipe Time!

Make it a Mocktail!

Mocktail you say? OF COURSE we can!

Truly your only substitutions here are these: Toss the red wine and brandy from the mix, and replace with Fre Alcohol Removed Red Blend, it is nearly identical to a good cab and locks in all the tasty flavors. Add a dash of Torani Cassis flavored syrup to dash the blackberry essence back in, and VIOLA! you have yourself an identically tasting red wine sangria to sip on those sweet summer nights!



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