Elderflower spritz!

It’s Cocktail Time!

Today we are shaking up a tasty twist on the classic Elderflower Spritz, and adding some deliciously tangy thyme notes to our mixology experience! This blueberry, thyme, elderflower concoction is the perfect cocktail for the end of week slow-sip bev, movie night mix, or even the cherry on top of a well deserved bubble bath…sounds dreamy to me!

This drink loves to naturally layer, so don’t be shy on the shake. Just add all of the ingredients together as directed, and you’ll end up with a cocktail that’s not only delicious.. you’ll also just want to take a nice long stare at its beauty. Blueberries are a must for this one, though if you truly cant stand it, a blackberry would be the second best sister to add. I hope you love this cocktail as much as I truly do!

Shopping and Preparation Suggestions!

Elderflower Liqueur: Let’s be honest here, I have to tell you my absolute favorite elderflower liqueur hands down is St Germaine. Although it is on the pricier side, a little goes a long way here! A normal cocktail contains 2 shots, or 3 oz, however this beaut can be rationed slowly and only requires 1/2 to liqueur to do the trick. You’ll not be mad with this purchase! If you do choose to look elsewhere, I would recommend an elderflower syrup in the same quantity. You can also get by with another floral note via substitution of either a Rose or Violet liquor.

Herbs: I have to admit, these babies came straight from my herb garden. Fear not, though. Winter sippers can also enjoy this mix. You can purchase Thyme at nearly any supermarket, it is located near the produce. Try to find the freshest bunch, and look for leaves that have not started to tarnish or wilt. When you arrive home, clip the ends of the stems and place them in water as if you were bringing home fresh flowers and allow the stems to rehydrate a bit before serving.

Berries: You already know I love fresh! Try to shop in season or turn to a frozen variety if not in season at the time you are wanting to make this cocktail. Make sure the berries are well muddled before garnishing, to release all of the flavor!

Preparation: Though small ice cubes are always an easy find, I love to serve this drink over a nice sized rock. These ice cubes can be made through formers purchased at any of your bar accessory stores, or at stores like Target, Hobby Lobby (on occasion), and Bed Bath and beyond. You can see the ice cube I’m referring to pictured below.

Recipe time!

For 2 drinks: 3oz elderflower, juice from one lemon, agave to sweeten, shake with thyme clippings and ice. Top with club soda. Garnish with thyme and muddled blueberries

Elderflower spritz!


Make it a Mocktail!

Want to try out a mocktail version of this delicious treat? It is very easy to do! You can simply substitute St Germaine for a non-alcoholic elderflower syrup like Monin or Amoretti! Keep all other ingredients and ratios the same!


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