Cucumber Melon Mojito!

It’s rumored that Mojitos are fair weather cocktails, but I would have to disagree. A good cucumber melon mojito is sure to quench your thirst come rain, sleet and shine!

Today lets talk about the freshest drink of them all, the Cucumber melon mojito!

Shopping and Preparation Suggestions:

Mint: While I snipped my mint sprigs straight from the herb garden, you can easily pick some up at the supermarket to garnish your drinks. A mojito mint leaf is the best way to go but you’ll often find Spearmint listed as well. If purchasing from a store, place the stems in water once you get home to rehydrate the leaves.

Vodka: With vodka, there are ways to go wrong, in my opinion. However, there are many ways to go right. You can grab an infused vodka, or infuse some yourself if you please. That to go for a brand like Tito’s, or Trader Joes distilled vodka. Its sure to do the trick and keep the drink as smooth as can be.

Sparkling water: My all time favorite sparkling water is Topo Chicos, by far! You’re welcome to use whatever you please, but if you can get your hands on some Topos, theres so many ways you can use sparkling mineral waters in cocktails and mocktails!

Preparation: Muddling helps to express the most flavors, and is imperative for release of mint oils in for this drink. Go ahead and take your time doing this in order to be sure you get ample flavor to your drink. Once you’re ready to garnish, place a leaf on one of your hangs and clap your hands together, this expresses the fragrance and flavor of the garnish and boosts with your overall taste experience!


Recipe time!


Make it a Mocktail!

Easy peasy, lemon squeeze… honestly thats about it!

Drop the vodka, add a squeeze of lemon to the top of your drink and sip away on this tasty mockjito!


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