Berry Bliss Gin and Tonic

We cant wait for you to try this blissfully spin on the classic gin and tonic.

The Berry Bliss G&T gives me all the summer vibes.

Just picture yourself on a cool summer night, on the back deck under string lights and stars, listening to the crickets and sipping something sweet. This G&T is sure to take you straight back to those blissful times.

My Berry Bliss G&T is the happiest of concoctions that can truly only be experienced if every step of the recipe is followed as listed. Don’t skip the tasty raw sugar rim!

Of course adding a little tonic to gin helps bring out those tasty juniper notes, but theres something about the blueberry/strawberry/lemon combo that makes it come to life. Adding sugar to the rim hands this cocktail a sweet cotton candy essence as well! Theres no way to go wrong here.

Shopping and Preparation Suggestions:

Gin: I love a good New Amsterdam or Hendricks gin as a first choice for these smooth cocktails.

Tonic: I have yet to develop a preference for tonics, but I do tend to gravitate toward Schwepps. Though tonic seems light and mild tasting, there is actually quite a bit of sugar in its content. I often will choose to offer regular and diet tonic to my guests who might be a little more sugar sensitive.

Berries: of course, shop in season, and shop fresh if possible. If these berries are not in season in your area, choosing a frozen variety may be better. Berries are frozen at their peak ripeness, and do not as often undergo the chemical ripening that out-of-season fresh fruits are subjected to.

Sugar: Raw sugar… that pretty much sums it up! I love the brand Sugar in the Raw, and use this almost exclusively on the rim of sweet drinks like this.

Recipe time!

For one drink: fill cup with ice, add 3oz gin, top with tonic. Crush one large strawberry with 1/4c blueberries, spoon into drink. Glass rimmed with raw sugar.

Berry Bliss G&T

Make it a Mocktail!

As if this cocktail couldn’t get any better, did you know its the PERFECT mocktail as well? For real, my nieces absolutely love it! To make this perfect mocktail, simply remove the gin and tonic, and replace with sprite or ginger ale! I personally am a huge ginger ale fan with this recipe, and a classic Canada Dry brand ale goes quite smoothly with this combo. Great for a movie night, or fancy dinner setting to show off the art mixology you have certainly mastered!



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