Aperol Spritz

Let me take your tastebuds on a little European adventure with the introduction of todays tasty recipe, the  Aperol Spritz!

My first experience with an Aperol Spritz was actually came while exploring London, though these tasty cocktails are a stable in Italian culture. If you make your way across Europe you’ll find this drink at the top of most menus. Likely because of its common occurrence, and its light, summery taste, every time I take a sip of Aperol it whisks me back to an Italian winter. It takes me to small street side cafes, eating under the stars, and listening to street performers in the night air. Here, let me take you there!


Shopping and Preparation Suggestions:

Aperol: It seems as though this popular European item is rather unknown in the United States, but if you have trouble locating it, don’t be afraid to ask! The Aperol I choose to purchase is  usually Aperitivo 1919 Aperol. Its a good aperol, and a decent price. Though Im sure there are many others out there to dabble in.

Prosecco: I apologize to be frank, but can you go wrong wit Prosecco? I think not! The best to look for would be a nice Bruit, however there are far too many options out there to pick just one, at least in my experience. Try them all, I cant stop you!

Fruit: Now, when I say orange juice, I don’t mean Dole. I mean, squish and squeeze the fresh orange into your glass and give yourself something fresh. Sometimes when I’m in the mood for a little extra citrus, I will add half an orange and half a lime to the cocktail for some kick, however there is no set determination of amount of citrus to use.

Garnish: You can really have a little fun with this one! In Europe we were given some drinks with a simple wedge of lime, but in others, the Aperol spritz was garnished with cherries, apples, star fruits, even dragon fruit on a skewer! I tend to gravitate my garnishes more toward the flavors I add to the cocktail, so I’ve kept mine simple. However I give you full permission to run wild!


Recipe time!

Per drink: 1 part aperol, 2 parts Prosecco, splash of club soda, splash of orange, squeeze of lime. Garnish with orange and lime slices

Aperol Spritz!


Make it a mocktail!

Sweet, simple, and just as divine as the original – the mocktail aperol spritz is sure to satisfy!

Lyre’s nonalcoholic spritz is most certainly the way to go here, their taste is too similar to Aperol to pass up, and comes highly recommended by many mocktail connoisseurs.

Recipe Below:

  • 1 part Lyre’s Spritz
  • 2 part Fre’s, alcohol removed Brut Prosecco
  • Splash of Club Soda
  • Squeeze of orange
  • Squeeze of lime
  • Garnish with orange and lime slice



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