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There’s always that certain someone in your friend group that interjects her newest podcasts into your everyday conversation, and yes, I am that friend. You will absolutely hear me mention at least once per day “you should really listen to the podcast ___” or “omg, today I listened to a podcast where ____”

Now, before you join me in this reading adventure, do not judge my aparent free-time by my list. I listen to podcasts while I’m driving, when in the gym, when cooking, or when I’m working in the lab after class. I like listening to music as much as any other person, but podcasts are usually my poison of choice when it comes to passing the time. I feel like I receive something tangible from listening to this content. I’ve learned so much from these casts over the few years that I’ve been listening. They make drives faster, and workouts last a little longer, and yes I admit now I’m an obvious addict – but I’m here to share the bounty of my almighty podcast list, and hope you enjoy some of these awesome recommendations as much as I have!

One very important note – every one of these podcasts are free. I listen through the Podcast app on my iphone. You can also listen through itunes, spotify, and other free podcasting apps!



Interesting people podcasts


  • This podcast is by far my favorite. Like, I’ve listened to it 4 times, kind of favorite. It was the very first podcast that I ever listened to and it really gets me in the feels.
    S-Town is a VERY well captured story of a dizzyingly eccentric yet troubled genius, John B. Macklemore. John invites the world into his maddening life, to his self titled home “Shittown Alabama,” in hopes to solve a murder he believes is being concealed by local law enforcment. The story is quick to unfold, and takes an extremely sharp turn early on that will have you shocked and questioning podcasting forever, yet in the same breath, begging for more. This is the podcast that podcast that I get friends sending “I hate you, but also thank you” texts for referring them to this listen. I really hope you give it a good listen!

Dirty John

  • Yet another impressive investigative journalism cast. This story is so very real, and very frightening to follow as it unfolds. Not only is it a podcast, but now even a series on HBO! It’s a story that proves yet again, how important it is to always remain cautious to the fantasy of perfection, and to follow your instincts when that new love affair seems too good to be true.
  • This is a story of a successful interior designer, Debra Newell, who falls in love with the perfect man. A charming, handsome, endearing, doctor and former marine, John Meehan. While Debra is enthralled in her new love affair a slow suffocation from her normal world ensues, and ultimately leads to severed family ties and disturbing deception. When Debra’s children quietly begin to investigate their mother’s disconnect, they uncover a frightening world which their mother has now unknowingly become hostage to, and ignite a fire which leads to loss of life and an explosively shocking ending.
    Definitely a bingeable podcast, and one that will have you gripping your seat with fear, excitement, confusion, and shock.

Dr Death

  • As a former nurse, and current Dental student, this one propels you to look twice over your shoulder, and truly be keen to the actions of the professionals around you.
  • Dr Death is the story of a very real, very current situation unfolding in the medical community, pertaining to the actions of Neurosurgeon, Dr. Christopher Daniel Duntsch. This story is not one to make you question the medical education system, but one to make the world aware of the importance of thorough research when picking a provider, and following intuition when face value appears questionable. Dr Death is an expansive look into the upbringing, education, training, and dangerous surgical practices of a Neurosurgeon who should not have been allowed to pick up a scalpel. The story highlights the dangers of unethical practice, and just how difficult it is to end the career of a toxic surgeon.

Who the Hell is Hamish

  • Hamish Watson, is Hamish McClaren, is Max Mcclarin, is…. You get the point. This is the podcast of Hamish, a serial conman who commits the most devastating acts of psychological manipulation on his closest and dearest befrienders, all the while getting away with each and every act. His methods have you thinking twice about who you befriend, and more importantly, who you trust.

The shrink next door

  • You seek care from a therapist to improve your life, to overcome challenges, and to develop skill in reasoning, coping, and emotional stability. What happens when the voice of reason is not in fact, so reasonable? This cast is another great story investigated by Wondery, about the story of real-life extreme psychological domination performed by one of America’s finests psychotherapists, and how he’s still on the loose.

Missing Richard Simmons

  • There once was a time when the world had too much Richard Simmons. Now, where in the world is he? One fine day he stopped showing up to work, answering phone calls, scheduling appointments, leaving his house, and basically every single other thing he ever was known for doing. His friends don’t know, his family doesn’t know, the world doesn’t know where he is or why he disappeared, but there’s one thing we do know – he’s not coming back any time soon. A friend of richard seeks to solve the mystery of Richard’s disappearance, and maybe, if he’s listening, convince him to come back to us.

Military-themed podcasts

Serial (esp season 2) – army

  • All Serial seasons are amazing, but I’m very partial to Season 2. This season is the story of the infamous Taliban capture and enslavement of American soldier, Bowe Bergdhal, after willingly leaving his post in Afghanistan in 2009. The story details the many angles of those involved, those heavily impacted by the aftermath, and reconciliations that will leave your head spinning.


  • Covert is a podcast that dives deep into the world of International espionage and tells the story of the criminals and military masterminds who brought their demise. Every episode is a case of international military victory, and the logistics behind the most dangerous operations of all time.


  • My first, and only scripted podcast recommendation. This is a psychological thriller from Gimlet that features a brainwashed caseworker, demanding boss, and eager soldier involved in a controversial government experiment on military troops. Also, a hell of a lot of weird office politics, and good acting, of all. It was later made into a Netflix series.

True Crime Podcasts

Up and vanished (esp season 1)

  • Yet another one of my first podcasts. It’s long, and twisted, but the events unfolding in real-time will have you sitting in the driveway listening, because you just can’t leave until you know!
    All seasons so far have been interesting, but my admitted favorite would be Season 1. In this season, ammature investigative reporter Payne Lindsay picks a random cold case from his home state of Georgia and begins to sift through the details of a mysterious disappearance of teacher and beauty queen Tara Grinstead. What begins with slammed doors and dial tones, quickly leads to a crumbling community and exposure of torment. What once was a cold case, becomes a quickly moving criminal investigation, full of purely shocking reveals. You’ll be overcome with anger and grief, yet cheering on Payne as he dives head first into investigative reporting and to bring justice to Tara.

Teachers pet

  • This is a very well created podcast put together by Hedley Thomas and The Austrailian newspaper. This cast investigates the mysterious disappearance of mother and housewife Lynette Dawson, wife to famous rubgy player Chris Dawson in 1982. What seems like a superficial case of abandonment is later revealed to be a convoluted story, orchestrated by a cheating husband, and hidden away as dark secrets when the community fails to bring to light the concerns of his tall tales. The podcast is still ongoing, as are the real-life criminal investigations instigated by the podcasts popularity.

Broken Hart

  • Truly, this podcast is sad. It was interesting, and I would recommend it to the world, but it really will pull at your heart strings. This is a story of adoption, the false realities social media can portray, and a family which should not have been allowed to become one in the first place. I recommend this cast, because it highlights just how aware we should be of our surroundings, especially when it concerns suspicious behavior of children and their guardianship. This story is not heavily broadcasted, it never was, and it deserves to be. The cast was very well put together by Glamor.

Hell and Gone

  • When an ammature investigative reporter Catherine Townsend returns to her home state of Arkansa to bring light to the cold case story of Rebekah Gould, she never expected what she would find. After immersing herself in the community, she quickly learns that Rebekah’s case may not be so cold after all, and that the answer to 14 years of grief may come from someone still living just down the street.

Bear Brook

  • Unlike any other cold-case seeking story I have yet to hear, this story goes full circle. You’ll be immersed in the drama of solving crime, from a scientific perspective. This is truly the case that changed the history of forensic investigation in entirety, and has since led to numerous cases being solved through their techniques. Each technique is entirely outside the box of human forensics, going so far as to use geological testing on human dentition to determine regions of the world that the person had inhabited, and also incorporates new genetic testing to identify relatives of those in concern.

My favorite murder

  • If anyone wants me to drop, hand me a ticket to a MFM show. This is a weekly podcast created by comedians Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff, that have me dyyyying every dang time. They approach stories of true crime with a comical light, not out of disrespect, but out of a coping mechanism that makes us all face the world with a lighter load to bear. They are a true power team who use their platform for real open dialogue that makes you feel like you just left friend therapy. I cannot recommend this show enough. Time flies by every single time I hit play on one of their episodes.


  • The name really says it all. This is a name I knew little about until this podcast was released by Tenderfoot Tv and HowStuffWorks. This cast documents the cases of the notorous Zodiac spree in the 1960’s California Bay Area, as well as the media manipulation, and unequipped, green law enforcement of the time.

Ballad of Billy Balls

  • This is an edgy cast created by author, writer, and TV personality iO TIllett Wright. Wright dives into the story of a person near and dear, coping with lost love and injustice that has plagued their lives for almost 30 years. Wright solves the mystery of the death of punk musician Billy Balls, although it’s certainly not what you’d expect. This cast is a story of love, deranged belief, the sad state of the justice system of the 80’s, and repairing one woman’s lifelong heartache.

Medicine, Psychology, History, Science podcasts

The Habitat

  • If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to go to Mars, perhaps you should gather a few friends, move to Hawaii, and be confined to a dome with them for an entire year. That’s exactly what happened when 6 imaginary astronauts volunteered a year of their lives to help NASA understand the psychological impact that close confinement if humans were to travel to Mars. The podcast is for the science feen, psych enthusiast, and space junkie all alike.

Room 20

  • When unidentifiable patients are presented to the hospital, they’re given a John Doe alias. Usually its a random themed name, like car parts or household items, followed by a number, and as soon as identified their charts are re-labeled. However, like with 66Garage, sometimes that name may never be replaced, and for 30 years you may lie in a nursing home with a “brain dead” status, in a country you do not know, truly fully awake. This is a cast by the LA Times, investigating the history of the unnamed man, conspiracies behind his tale, and uncovering the truth behind his circumstances.

Overheard at National Geographic

  • When you work at National Geographic, you’re surrounded by some of the most amazing humans to walk the planet. From whale photographers, to volcanic geologists, you never know who you’re going to run into at the water cooler. This is a light hearted cast that reveals just how awesome the world of National Geographic really is, presenting a new story straight from the NatGeo headquarters every week. Some of my favorites: Evolution of a Liar, Scuba diving in a Pyramid, and The Glass Stratosphere.


  • This is the very-well documented story by Wondery, of Aaron Hernandez, a man who spiraled from football star to convicted murderer within years, and the fight to understand why. This is a story for football fanatics, and medical-mystery gurus alike, as it dives into the history of an all-star athlete, and the traumas which may have been responsible for Aarons psychological demise.

Revisionist history

  • This is a cast for the history buff and questionnaire. Malcom Gladwell is an award winning author, you may recognize Outliers, or The Tipping Point as some of his publishings. Every episode dives into a topic, song, story, etc, and asks “did we get it right?”

Conspiracy Theories

  • The title couldn’t describe it better. Conspiracy theories is a cast created by Parcast, which seeks to uncover the truth behind some of the world’s most controversial stories. Each week, producers dig deeper into the history and events unfolding in the world of the time, to solve each theory from every perspective. Proving that the right story isn’t always popular, but what’s popular is also not always right.

This podcast will kill you

  • For the love of all things medicine and science, these girls are killing the podcast industry (pun pun). In this cast, Erin squared tackles a new infectious disease each week, bringing to light it’s history, signs and symptoms, treatments, and more. Bonus, every week they give a new theme-inspired cocktail recipe to sip along with them as they blow your mind and scare the living daylights out of those who are unafraid of the terrifying diseases that can infect us.

Last seen

  • Last seen is a podcast by The Boston Globe, detailing the events of the biggest unsolved art heist in history, which also took place on American soil. When 13 pieces allotting nearly half a billion dollars in value, were stolen from the Isabella Gardner Museum in Boston in the Early 90s, the city stood still and silent. After decades of manhunts, interviews, pleas, and fallen deals, the main suspects are slowly disappearing. The podcast was interesting, informative, and a great act of storytelling to bring to light a great tragedy in the world of art.

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