Dear Travel Diary,

Dear Travel Diary,

If I were living my absolute best life, I would be housed up in an RV, traveling the world till my end days.
But because I already received that first dental school tuition bill, and I also do kind of love tooth-artistry, I’ll save the dreamin’ for the weekend and know that the travel-life is just another week away.
In the meantime, I’m sharing my travels past, current, and future – with the world. I’m working on a set of posts that feature my favorite getaways, gear, hidden gems, advice for budget travel, and more.

Here’s a Sneak Peek… what’s to come, not in any particular order.

– Chicago: eats, drinks, best places to play
– Wineries and Distilleries of the Wild West
– Machu Picchu and Sacred Valley, tips from the newbies, the pros, and the doctors
– Wyoming, the Hidden Gems (a series)
– New York City: navigating, places to see, and travel on a budget
– The other Portland, with better lobster (ME)
– The Peruvian Amazon, unplugged and refreshed
– Better than the Hamptons: The North Fork DL, Sag Harbor, & (my fav) MTK
– Texas: the hidden treks, play in the city, and exploring the stateside outback
– Utah: more than just arches
– Staying healthy, and courteous, while abroad
– Gulf Coast adventures
– Cusco, Peru: navel of the Incan Empire
– Kansas City: exploration, and a new heartland perspective
– Chilean adventure: a guide from the pros
– Nebraska rails and trails – more than just the flat lands
– Yankton SD: little river town, big fun!
– New Mexico: Must-See spots, sunset chasing, Legends and Myths
– Yellowstone: trip ideas for 1 day-1 week
– Colorado: Mesa Verde, Cortez, summer and winter hikes/climbs, best vacations
– Florida: beyond spring break, places to relax and places to play
– Flight searching and purchasing, and the sketchy sites that really aren’t
– Rocky-Mountain backpacking and horseback trekking
– First-time travel abroad: how to prepare
– Learning the language: apps and tips for transcultural travel
– Packing adventures: how to plan, companies to trust
– Polite vs Taboo: abroad addition
– Travel safety
– Cost Boss: how to decrease travel price and increase playtime
– Ins and outs of Airbnb

…and much, much more

Lets hear from you!

I would also love to hear questions, comments, and topic suggestions from you, so please don’t hesitate to reach out! And don’t forget to follow along at the bottom of the page!

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